My name is Matt Kramer, and this website is my first venture in to online publishing of any description, and as such, will serve as something of a testing ground-cum-portfolio of writing styles and techniques, largely for future referencing, and of course personal enjoyment.

Studying English and American Literature at the University of Kent, my Summer is currently as barren as foreseeably possible for the most part, bereft of any kind of commitments at the time of producing this blog, and my academic portfolio lacking tangible substance as it were. Ultimately, the goal is to get some exposure and, hopefully, forge a career of sorts in the field of sports journalism, focused on Association Football, American Football or Basketball, all of which I have an active vested interest in.

As a result, I decided to publish my thoughts and opinions on this Summer’s European Championships, as well as a match report here and there, dependant on the quality of the tournament, which will be directly correlated to my efforts and motivation to get on here and even further bore the world with the events of the previous 90 minutes of sporting drabness. I’m looking at you, 10-goal qualifying campaign Republic of Ireland.


One thought on “About

  1. It all sounds good to me, I am sure that you will achieve all that you are aiming at .

    Bye for now. Grandad.

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