A tidy little infographic from the deepest realms of Euro 2012 search engine results…

05/05/2012 – The day I stir from my house-bound and utterly counter-productive Easter holiday away from University.

Though technically not allowed back in to my humble cupboard-sized accommodation until tomorrow, I have undertaken the unenviable task of beginning the upheaval today via the use of a friend’s room, apparently enticed by the looming prospect of upping sticks and hauling my junk back across campus when I’m finally permitted to re-enter my currently ‘visitor-occupied’ room.

Anyway, the reason for the above tangential ramble is the following; my day today is a rather hectic one, what with my commitment to turning up to my grossly underpaying Saturday job and the last-minute microwaveable food shopping that must occur in the not too distant future, and the desire to maintain a regular update stream to this website encouraged me to briefly search for some content to fill today’s entry with. Alas, I stumbled upon a surprisingly not-awful infographic to whet one’s appetite for the tournament itself with. (Disclaimer – I am fully aware that the tournament is still over a month away, but I believe the period I find myself in at this moment in time is called the ‘honeymoon’ period. Please excuse my insistence on repeatedly updating this blog with what would usually be cynically judged by myself as waffle)

The image will be nestled at the foot of this post for those inquisitive enough to peruse what the depths of my mind deems above terrible, and, if I may say so myself, it was quite the lucky find, especially with an accompanying embed code.

Arguably the most interesting snippet of information I managed to garner from the image is that never has there been a successful defence of the title. With many touting Spain as favourites, or at least co-favourites along with the likes of the youthful and dynamic Germany, for instance, will this be the year this statistic is finally turned around? If I were a betting man…. I’d have no idea. I’m not usually very successful with predictions.


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